Welcome to Gambrinus!

Dear residents of Odessa and no less respected guests of our city! We are glad to welcome you to the official page of the legendary "Gambrinus"! This is a bright and colorful, atmospheric and tasty, historical corner of Odessa! And today "Gambrinus", perhaps, can claim the title of the oldest institution in Odessa. It's not a secret for anyone that Gambrinus is known not only in Ukraine and in the vast expanses of the former USSR, but all over the world. Australia and Canada, Israel and France, China and Chukotka, the Ivory Coast and the Far East ... But what can I say ... It is much easier to name the representatives of this or that nation or country who have not yet visited us.

A. Kuprin, 1906: That was the name of the pub in the bustling port city ... Here every evening, for many years in a row, the musician Sashka played the violin for the pleasure and entertainment of guests ... There was also another irreplaceable person in Gambrinus - the barmaid Madame Ivanova. .. Many, however, did not know the tricky name of the glorious beer king. Just someone suggested: - Let's go to Sasha? And others answered: - Yes! Keep it up! And already all together said: - Vira!

S. Yushkevich, 1908: The cellar is full. Music plays - violinist, accordionist with a cigarette in his teeth. Drunk, noisy, quiet; motionless, as if petrified in his posture, the violinist plays, and everyone - sailors, artisans, street workers and their lovers breathe one breath with him, froze like him. If only it would be so forever, if life up there disappeared, and this one moment of joy remained for the soul ...

Gambrinus has been treated kindly by a large galaxy of great writers, poets and journalists, artists and musicians. The creativity and activities of some are inextricably linked to one degree or another with a beer restaurant! “Gambrinus” is also loved by media people, politicians, and in general people of absolutely different professions! According to confirmed data, the date of foundation of the restaurant is considered to be 1886, although for the first time the name "Gambrinus" appears in local periodicals on January 20, 1866, But according to other sources, the first "Gambrinus" was arranged in the "round house", from the side of the Cathedral, and was originally opened under the name "Bavarian pub" on March 24, 1864. The location of the pub has changed a lot of times, so the statement about the three "Gambrinus" is incorrect. Today the Gambrinus is located in the basement of the old building of the France Hotel, where the Beer Well bar was located in the second half of the 1920s.

A. Roksanov, 1919: ... Sadly we wandered through our native Odessa, until, out of habit, we stopped in front of some Georgian cellar ... By tacit agreement, we went down the steps of the cellar towards the perky sounds of "Apple" ... We looked in the direction of the orchestra and a second later they frantically made their way across the tables to the stage. There, in the company of the cello, piano and flute, stood our Sashka.

Today's Gambrinus is not just history. Today we present to our guests a unique menu that combines notes of multiculturalism and traditions of Odessa cooking. We offer to taste our specialty beer, brewed according to a special recipe. You will not be left indifferent by songs for Odessa, performed by the Kontrabanda music band and the Gambrinus trio!